Charge Controllers

Steca Charge Controllers

Solsum Series

The Solsum F Series is an affordable charge controller solution with a power range of 6 or 8 amps.

PRS Series

The simplicity and high performance of the Solarix PRS make it particularly attractive. Several LEDs in various colors emulate a tank display, which gives information on the charge status of the battery. Models range from 10 to 30 Amps.

PR Series

Featuring a custom designed integrated circuit and LCD the PR Series use a sophisticated state of charge (SOC), self learning algorithm to display the battery SOC, load, array and controller status. Available in 10, 20, 30 Amp capacities, & weatherproof (IP65) version. 


Steca Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers are specially designed to work with solar modules with higher Voltages than the battery bank. The advanced MPP-tracking algorithm from Steca assures that the maximum available power from the solar generator is charged to the batteries.